Friday, September 23, 2011

23 September 2011

I like the way you talk and I don't
mind how you snap at anyone who asks
if you are all right
when they see your heart has bled out
through your shirt again

I don't take it personally when you ignore me
even as you spend your cheap affection
on haters and whores
it saves me
from ever having to look you in the eye
which I don't think I could manage anyway

I've tried to practice by looking
at a picture of you
but even on my best days I can only get
my eyes to the edge
of you
before my resolve buckles and I know
I'm only practicing at failing
and I already got it

The thing that's kinda nice
- enough, anyway
is that in my head
I have no regrets and you
triple locked in a secret room
where there is plenty of space for us
to hang out whenever
I want you
which is perhaps a bit more often
than I should put down on this paper.


  1. i like the way you write and i don't
    mind how you leave gaps so long
    i turn blue and pass out
    from holding my breath
    waiting for the next installment

  2. ha, very ha - I'm home sick today and this is my first laugh of the day. Thank you.

  3. hey - hope the home sickness has abated - are you away from home for long?
    glad to have contributed a little mirth. you're most welcome

  4. I should have said - home from work due to being sick.

    But on the general subject of feeling homesick, I am rather a hermit and very attached to home. I used to travel quite a bit but then, I had something to run from. Now that I don't, I am happy to stay at home and on the rare occasions when I do travel, I start missing home long before I leave.

  5. just getting to these... I love to read your writing because it makes me feel stuff that I am usually trying to run across the top of like those Jesus Lizards or whatever they are called... your writing has a way of making me stop and reconnect with my deeper self... so thanks for writing and posting it

  6. Thank you for reading Lil. As far as lizards, I may be more of an atheist lizard - just sunk up to the chin in sand, heaving through.