Sunday, September 4, 2011

04 September 2011

I'm not pretty.
You should know that up front.
I'm not curiosity shop revolting
or anything.
It's just that I want you to be prepared.
I fall somewhere between Nosferatu
and Isabella Rossellini.
That little wedge in there.

I have a happy life, finally.
I wouldn't want to change a thing.
Why would I?
But just for the sake of discussion
let's pretend I would.

Let's say I would like to feel love.
The kind that makes you sick.
A grenade that keeps spewing shrapnel
all inside your stomach.
Until you can't take it anymore.
And then there's more.

Either that or I would like to feel nothing.
Know nothing. Want nothing. Be nothing.
In that world
all things are possible.
Probable, even.

But in this world of
No Dreams Come True,
things are always turning out worse than you thought
even when you figured you had imagined the worst.
But there are still
plenty of good reasons to carry on.
It's just that I want you to be prepared.


  1. welcome back, ss, very welcome.
    so good again to read lines that flip my stomach, and make me smile, in turns, both in recognition

  2. Thank you Wasi. I don't know what took me so long to move everything off Myspace except to say that I really did enjoy the diverse group of writers there and was sorry to see that go.