Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1 July 2014

Wanting something so much
that you knew nothing
except that it would never happen
because it's possible
to hope so hard
that you wish the thing
out of existence
before it ever comes into being
which leaves you
as you were
trying to put some distance
between you and this holy ghost
that you won't let go of
just in case.

Most people save their hope
for times when it seems like there's at least a chance
but you always said
that's not what hope is for
and I always liked how you spent yours -
just a trickle at first and later,
past midnight, past all reason
you open the spigot all the way
flooding the chamber
so that your holy ghost is trapped
beneath the surface
that terrible underwater light
reminding us
of all the things we never
should have wished.