Tuesday, September 6, 2011

06 September 2011

We meet in front of the hotel
as planned.
You lean in to kiss me and with precise
subtle movements
pin my arms behind my back.
I am lost in your kiss that keeps promising more
and I don't mind
when you rip my left arm clean off
tossing it onto the hotel awning
which buckles a little.
I think someone is screaming
as you tear off my right arm
and hurl it onto a parked car
causing the alarm to go off.
Under normal circumstances
I would be concerned
over the attention we are drawing
as a small crowd gathers.
But my head has no room
for thoughts like that right now.
You can feel the blood draining
from my face, growing cold
and you ask if there is anything I want to say.
I press my lips to your ear and whisper,
"As usual, you read my mind."


  1. my God - to say i wasn't expecting where that went is an understatement! those flying limbs - *shudders* - it worries me that your imagery is so good, i have visualised this scene each time i read it

  2. Thank you for reading Wasi. As far as I know, you are the only person reading this blog right now. I need to figure this internet thing out, heh. But I am so glad to think that the only person reading is not overly displeased.

  3. hmmm, while i'm honoured to have that unique position, i'd like for more people to share in the goodness.
    i'm pretty rubbish at knowing how to go about getting people to see my stuff online.
    i guess i can put a link on fb and twitter to your blog, if you'd like?

    and no, not overly displeased at all :0)