Monday, August 18, 2014

17 August 2014

Stranded in Hy-Brasil.
You were supposed to meet me here.
Did you never come?
I keep watching
underneath the waves
the stars, blurred
and crashing -
my whole home is gone.

Did you sail straight through
thinking I was pulled under?
I woke up at the fence-line.
I keep the torches lit.
I mind the waves
the memories, blurred
and crashing -
my whole heart is gone.

If I let in this banging dark
to flow over everything
it won't put the torches all the way out
there will be a muted glow, still.
I will tie a rope around me
and loop the other end on a fence post
and I'll keep looking up
the watery stars lapping at the edges
you can find me, still.
Meet me in Hy-Brasil.