Wednesday, June 18, 2014

18 June 2014

I wanted to open this
old library book on constellations
and slide out the card
     stamped in red and black ink
     documenting due dates
     from years gone by
     fingertips grazing the Smith-Corona typeface
     as if it was Braille
     the edges being held
     with just one finger each
     to see how much force it takes to bend
and on the back write a very good hello
then lay it in a tiny skiff decorated in red and black ink
and let the current carry it across your welcome mat
and under your door
on a winter morning
so that you'd know
 - despite the fact
    that some things are too beautiful for this world
    and that's why they fade in your hands
    when you are trying so hard to hold on
that someone was looking at The Archer
and thinking about you.

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